Pushing reservoir data handling to new frontiers

Kraken is a reservoir simulation post-processor which features a powerful and modern user interface tailored to the visualization and manipulation of multiple scenarios and data sets.

Kraken natively reads and interprets data from Schlumberger's ECLIPSE 100/300, CMG's IMEX, STARS and GEM, UTCHEM and several other simulators, properly conciliating solutions, times and units, thereby providing unique ways for comparing and analyzing simulations. Its capable of handling data from grids and wells, supporting structured, unstructured and reservoir grids.

Kraken features an enhanced set of capabilities including:

Smart properties management:
  • Semantic identification of the data from multiple sources enables data comparison from different simulators;
  • Data categorized using its role, phase, condition, and other parameters;
  • In-place unit converter.

Model interpreted and displayed hierarchically, providing easy access and detailed information of the main elements of the simulation model.

Workflow automation:
  • Macro support for record and playback daily tasks;
  • Scripting using the Python language for more advanced tasks.

Report creation:
  • Copy and paste of images and data to other applications;
  • Custom reports using standard formats (html, rtf, pdf).
  • In-place unit converter.

Rich data comparison:
  • A case comparison can be created to display the differences between 2 models;
  • All of the features available when seeing a single simulation are available for the case comparison;
  • Units conciliation.

Powerful inspection of available data:
  • Allows visualization of any available data simultaneously;
  • Synchronized interaction in all views with a single click;
  • Enhanced coloring strategies;
  • Synchronized time step selection.

Several scientific visualization processes available, such as:
  • Plane Cut, Plane Clip;
  • Iso Cut, Iso Clip;
  • IJK Block Selection;
  • Streamline Tracing;
  • Selection by Property;
  • Custom Procedures;
  • Others.

Pre-Processing capabilities:
  • Import grid and well data from one simulator and export as input for a different one;
  • Special support for writing UTCHEM input data.
Animation based on Keyframes, interpolating camera, plane cut, time and other data.
What's New
Kraken 2.1.7 released
Kraken 2.0.64 released
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